Paper Anime Figure Making Videos

The paper figures that were made by a Niconico-douga user are amazing! According to the making videos, he uses paper craft software (he says there are many free software available) to make the patterns. He prints the patterns, cuts out the parts, and puts them together.

Here is one of the paper figures he made.


Very well made! It just looks like plastic figures sold at stores.


Can you believe that these fingers and hair are made of paper?


It is a character from a video game called Phantasy Star Portable 2.

This is the making video. (Turn off and on the comments by clicking speech balloon on the right bottom.)

It is 21cm tall and made of super fine paper.


Here is another character from the same game.

It is 22cm tall (sword = 26cm) and made of super fine paper and thick paper (for the base).


And, another one!

It’s 22cm tall and made of super fine paper.


These high quality paper works were even recognized officially by the gamemaker!

He says it is easy to make paper figures but I’m sure it requires perseverance and skill with the hands. If you want to try, he shares the printable patterns in his website.

The free patterns are available in Moekami (Japanese only).


This is JAPAN Style!