Amazing Photo – a Jar That Stands Aslant!?


This is Japanese famous seaweed paste, “Gohan-desuyo” from Momoya.




The seaweed paste is boiled with soy sauce, and served on hot rice. Since the flavor is so perfect for rice, you can eat a lot of rice with it and needn’t other side dishes. Many Japanese love it.

And what I want to tell you today is a unique phenomenon of the jar. I found it in another blog the other day.

This is the picture.


Both are Momoya’s sauce.
When the blogger unintentionally put the jars on a kitchen counter, they stood aslant!


It really stands aslant without any trick.


You don’t need special way to do it; it stands easily.


It’s amazing!

Having being shocked, I bought a “Gohan-desuyo” and actually tried it.




It surely does stand.

I didn’t know about this at all (LOL)

Other kinds of jars at your home may stand like that, so please try if you’re interested (^_^)

Ah, but there is one thing I have to say.

If you try, use unopened or empty jar. I tried a half-eaten jar but it didn’t work. I think it subtly lost balance.


Source: Daily Portal Z


This is JAPAN Style!


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