Interesting pictures of life-size cut-outs

Of course, you take pictures when you go on a trip, don’t you?

And you probably see some tourists poking their faces through life-size cut-outs and posing for pictures when you visit train stations in touristy areas.

I read an interesting blog on “life-size cut-outs”, so I would like to introduce them here.



You can see a tea plantation and Mt. Fuji.
This might had been taken in Shizuoka.




It makes him look silly with face poking through the life-size cut-out the back to front. LOL



This one is also a picture of a guy poking his face through the life-size cut-out the back to front.
But this one is not funny at all.



This one is hot.
It looks like the guy is kissing the station clerk painted on the life-size cut-out.



These people introduced here are fascinated with poking their faces through the life-size cut-outs the back to front. (I don’t understand why.)


By the way, do you have such life-size cut-outs in your country?

Please let me know if you know any interesting life-size cut-outs!


Source: Daily Portal Z



This is JAPAN Style!


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