Wasabi Stories vol.137: “What is true “eco” ? “


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“What is true “eco” ? “

Today’s story teller is Go player, Yukari Umezawa. She talked about eco and the book she read recently.

Having moved into [W:Shizuoka prefecture], she enjoys her life there; although, she is struggling with one problem.

That is “garbage separation rule”, which is so complicated that the locals need to separate minutely.



Every time she throws something away, she cleans dirty trays, and separates each trash like snack bags here and a container of mayonnaise there while following a “garbage separation” instruction.

Moreover, the locals have to write their names on garbage bags when they dump; therefore, even if a small thing like a straw got mixed in a wrong bag, it gets returned.


“Is this all for ‘eco’? Although I had been shouted out ecology, I wanted to bring forward a counterargument. Doesn’t cleaning dirty trays contaminate water? And might it strain the environment? Having those doubts, I want to read the books that criticize the current tendency.”


She went on to the book she read the other day. It tells it is better to incinerate all the garbage that are not suitable for recycling together, and that the true environmental problem lies in a different dimension.

There are actually some local governments prefer not to separate incombustible and combustible garbage. The fact and the book confused her. What is the true eco? She wonders.


“Well, I may sound convincing but to tell the truth, I just want to save labor. I wish easy and eco are compatible.”


The NIKKEI Nov/18/2009 by Yukari Umezawa (Go player)



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