Great Buddha Head on a Street!?

Let me share some pictures of a unique great statue of Buddha in Japan I found lately.

This was reported by a Japanese blogger.


Buddha head
Huge Buddha’s face. Just let you know, he didn’t zoom in though.



Buddha head
It was put in the middle of an ordinary street.
A huge face on a street all of a sudden.


Buddha head
It seems to be a Buddhist altar fittings factory.
And the huge face might work as an ad.


Buddha head
Spirit photography!? No, it is not (LOL).
The blogger stood in front of the head while hiding his head to be looked like himself as Buddha.
But I don’t think it worked (^_^)



It is powerful, isn’t it?

It may be scary to see in the night.

I think if they add illuminations on it, the advertising may be more effective.

Ah, it may incur divine punishment…


Source: Daily Portal Z



This is JAPAN Style!


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