New form of Business : Sharing / Lending Service

Having own things are good, but sharing things with others can be a great way of eliminating waste and saving money and space.  For example, by sharing books with others, we can reduce the amount of paper consumption as well as save money and space for them (may not be a very good idea for booksellers thought…).  Today, I would like to introduce an article about unique sharing business of Japan.

I have been aware of some sharing/lending business in Japan such as lending bicycles in busy towns in order to reduce illegally bicycle parking, and umbrella lending system.  But it seems this lending system is moving onto new stages now.

For example, there seems to be a car lending service between private car owners and those who would like to borrow a car.  If you go to a website of car lending company, you can see what cars are available in each area, and if you find a car which is available on the day you need a car, you can make an arrangement through the website!


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It’s interesting, isn’t it?  I assume there are quite a lot of people who need a car on weekend, but not during weekdays at all, so if you can provide such cars to this rental car service when you don’t need them, you can make a little bit of pocket money and help other people at the same time!

Also, another lending which particularly caught my attention was café sharing business. This service is provided by a company which have several cafés in major towns across Japan, and you can borrow a café even just for 1 day!


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This is new, isn’t it :-)?  The company also offers several café properties for a permanent purchase, but by borrowing a café for a day, you can hold a nice party with friends and family.  And those who seriously consider opening their own cafes could also have a trial ownership experience before actually opening your own restaurant?  I assume it may be also nice for students to experience working in cafe as a part of high school or university project, too??

I think the concept of sharing/ lending brings us different types of opportunities which we couldn’t come up with when we didn’t have a choice of sharing as well as flexibility.  I’d imagine more interesting ideas will be created from this concept, so I would like to keep an eye on this subject in the future.


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