Japanese Artist, Perfume Warmly Welcomed at Canne


Do you know Japanese techno pop group, called Perfume?  If you do know, I’m very pleased to know that they are globally famous 🙂  They are very famous musicians/ artists in Japan for their performance, and they are the topic I am going to write today!

As some of you may know, Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity was held for a week from 16th June in France, and Japanese artists, Perfume was invited as a guest.  According to an article, they were the very first Japanese artists invited to the event, and they seemed to impress audience by their performance 😀 😀 😀

It seems what was impressing was not only the girls’ performance (of course, I know it is the very important elements though:-)), but also radical technique of projection mapping with colourful graphics.  Projecting graphics on screens and flat surfaces are typical, but by having white dresses on the members of Perfume, the director of the staging was able to project graphics on the members on the stage, and girls looked as if they have got wings like angels.  Also, CG projected on each member changed as they moves, and it had an effect to make audience feels as if the lights were dancing.


Anyway, I know words are not enough to explain how cool they are, so I find a music video of “Spending all my time”, the song performed during the event.



I hope you liked it; they are not only a cute girls’ group with good music, but also execute every single movement/ dance so perfectly, and I liked something so unique in them (choreography, fashion and/or everything!).

They just finished their Europe tour, so I wonder if some of you have been to their live show??  If so, please let me know your opinion as well as how it was.


I will be looking forward to hearing from you!^^


Source: Natalie


This is JAPAN Style!