Japanese Hand Paint Iron Pendant

Japanese lacquer pendant


Studio RYU has come out with a new “JAPAN IRON” item recently. This new product is a pendant, made with the traditional Nanbu Iron and the highest quality lacquer, which was also used for the Kinkakuji Temple restoration.

This pendant is made by professional Nanbu Iron welders, who have created many other beautiful pieces of artwork in the past. The product represents the concepts of Japanese nature including purity, light, earth, wind, sky, and time. This particular pendant has the writing “流” which is the English equivalent for water flow.


Japanese lacquer pendant


The gold and silver colors complement the black background of the iron, and this piece of jewelry truly portrays the river, like the word represents. It represents not only nature but also the serenity that nature brings. Please take a look at this product in our online store, as well as other products made with traditional iron welding techniques.



If the eBay link is dead and you have questions about the item, please contact me HERE.


This is JAPAN Style!