The Biggest 100 Yen Shop in West Japan

Everybody loves 100 yen shops as they are reasonable, and it is almost a joy to find what you want, which only costs 100yen.  Now, it seems there is the biggest 100 yen store in Fukuoka, West Japan.


This is the building where the 100 yen shop is in.


…and here is the shop!


How massive is that??


It’s approximately 3400 meters big!


The authour was so impressed by the size; obviously, he’s been to many 100 yen shops before, but it seems this is the biggest one he’s been so far.

But this shop is almost too big and so manly….


First of all, the map of the shop!



Look at this!  Funny shape of the shop may catch your attention, but more importantly, many icons are just shown like the desktop of men’s computer!  (Sorry, I know there are many men, who are very tidy!)



Secondly, body washing towl specifically designed for men’s body!



Thirdly, …oh, my goodness, so many Calpas, the salami snack!  This food was displayed almost everywhere…



And so many broomsticks!  Are they even a typically-used ones?  They almost look like weapons!



Yep, of course, choc is available here and “highly recommended!!” as shown.

It may looks normal but don’t forget the fact that this is 100 yen stores!  😛



Here is the most manly item among all; men’s briefs!  How could this possibly be 100yen for 5 briefs???  But wait a minute…, it says ‘disposal’… ??

Hmn, just open them up, shall we?






What????!!!!!!!!!!!!  😯



It seems the author of this article ended up only buying this briefs and determining to bin this immediately after open them without use as he couldn’t stand this overly unique see-through objects Lol.


What do you think about today’s article?

I’m looking forward to hearing your 100yen shop experience, too.


Source: Daily Portal Z


This is JAPAN Style!