Non-Fried Doughnuts Boom

In the past few years, non-fried doughnuts such as steamed, baked, and uncooked doughnuts have been popular among young women.


Mushi (Steamed) Doughnuts

A major doughnut franchise Mister Donut opened the first steamed doughnut café, Wakka in Osaka early this year.

The café features wagashi (Japanese style sweets) oriented steamed sweets.


Japanese Doughnuts

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The left baked doughnut is green tea and azuki (red beans) and the right one contains shiratama (mochi) and sesame on top.

Menu at Wakka website


Yaki (baked) Doughnuts

At Mister Donut, there are varieties of baked doughnuts which you can choose from; caramel apple, milk glazed, sweet-potato and spinach, pumpkin, chocolate chips and burdock, double berry, orange peel, and cinnamon chocolate. The texture is close to Chinese steamed cake.


Japanese doughnuts

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Japanese Doughnuts

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This is chocolate chips and burdock.

Menu at Mister Donut website


Nama (Unbaked) Doughnuts

“Nama” means raw in Japanese, but the doughnut is basically sponge cake with mousse on top.

Love Sweets Antique’s toronama doughnuts (creamy unbaked doughnuts) are colorful and it is fun to just look at them. They look shiny because the mousse is coated with thin layer of jelly.

There are over 10 flavors including caramel marron, strawberry, vanilla, green tea, chocola, blue berry, mango, and cream cheese.


Japanese Doughnuts

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Menu at Love Sweets Antique website


This is JAPAN Style!