Rice Bran Buffs for Smoother Skin

Rice bran has been used for skin care since long ago in Japan, as it has vitamin B1, B2, E which help to brighten, smoothen and moisten skin. In this rice country, rice bran is still one of the most popular natural skin care ingredients among women.

When you go to Japanese cosmetic stores or drugstores, you can find all kinds of rice bran products, such as soap, toner, lotion, facial pack, and bath powder. Some skin care brands have rice bran buffs, which are pouches filled with rice bran powder, used to wash face.

Makanai Cosmetics, for example, produces rice bran buffs that contains three different extracts; azuki (red beans), green tea, and kiichigo (raspberry).


Azuki: smoothening skin

Green tea: reducing age spots

Kiichigo: contracting pores



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This video shows how to use the buff.



After soaking the buff in a basin of warm water, massage skin with the buff. The water remained in basin contains the skin-enhancing ingredients and is just as effective as the buff, so you can wash other body parts with it.

According to the company, it can be used seven times for face, and two to three times for body.


Makanai Cosmetics (English)


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