Strange Tower in Osaka


The other day, I read about an unique tower in another blog.

It is called “PL tower” but the official name is “Dai Heiwa Kinen To (The Great tower for pray peace)”, and is in Osaka.

It is said that it is one of the three mysterious towers in Osaka.




PL tower



When the Japanese people see “PL”, we automatically remember the baseball team of PL high school, which is a powerful and well known high-school baseball team.

The organization which established the PL school and built this tower is the same.

I didn’t know it but PL is short for “Perfect Liberty” and it is a Japanese new religion.

It seems not so many Japanese people know about it.

Anyway I was surprised.


Now, about the tower. Isn’t the shape really unique?

It is like a clay work and doesn’t look like made by Japanese.

The designer may be a foreigner?

It is 180 meter tall and really recognizable from a far distance.


If you ever go to Osaka, this may be fun to visit. ^_^





This is JAPAN Style!


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