“Yakionigiri”, Japanese Grilled Onigiri


rice ball

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These golden crispy grilled rice balls are called yakionigiri; simple but often eaten in Japan.

You can even find them at convenience stores and frozen ones at supermarkets.

Making yakionigiri is easy! Only you need are rice and soy sauce.

Don’t forget to use short grain rice, or the rice ball is going to break.



First, make a rice ball.

Typically it’s shaped triangle like the ones in the picture. And cook it in a toaster oven or on a pan.

Flip it and put soy sauce with cooking brush. Repeat it until it gets golden brown and crispy outside.


If you have shichirin (Japanese small charcoal grill), cook yakionigiri on it!

It tastes much better!


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This is JAPAN Style!


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