Wasabi Stories vol.110: “The reason why your friend who you see after a long time didn’t change”


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“The reason why your friend who you see after a long time didn’t change”

Today’s story teller is an author, Shusuke Michio.

He started the story with when he saw his college friends for the first time in 12 years.

Before he saw the friends, he had been afraid that the friends might’ve been changed a lot, especially if their looks changed, they wouldn’t recognize each other’s faces.

Contrary to his worry, the friends didn’t change a bit, so he felt a little disappointed.

The friends didn’t show any difference entire time when they were together.


After the party, they said goodbye. A question popped up in Michio’s mind.

They really didn’t change?

Is it possible to not change for more than 10 years?


Michio’s word,

“A man tries to hide his change when he sees someone for the first time in a long time. For example, if he changed in the way he is not proud of, of course he tries to hide it. On contrary, even if he changed in a good way, he feels groundless guilty thinking he left his friend; therefore, he tries to hide the change. That is why, the friend who you don’t see often doesn’t change.”


“The ones who change are always the people close to you.”


Look your around.

The people who you see often, they are different from who they were in good ways and bad ways.

While seeing each other often, tiredness, longing, and hatred are restored in a place you can’t see.


“That is why, when a man sees someone whom he hasn’t seen for a long time, he seeks ‘unchanged us’.”


The NIKKEI Oct/9/2009  by Shusuke Michio (Author)



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