Girls Award 2010 in Shibuya – Fashion and Music Event


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Saturday 22nd, new Japanese biggest fashion event “Girls Award 2010” was held in Shibuya, Tokyo.

With the event theme “Shibuya to Asia, and the world”, they fascinated 12,000 audiences with latest fashion and music.

Since the past decade, various “real clothes” – refers “reasonable priced but fashionable clothing”, fashion evens were started in Japan; for example, Kobe Collection, Tokyo Girls Collection, Shibuya Girls Collection, Sapporo Collection, Sendai Collection, and Harajuku Style Collection.

The difference between those fashion events and Girls Award is the live music performances.

While other fashion events have music performances between run way shows, Girls Award puts importance on music and they even have vocal audition too.




If you want to check the latest clothing shown at the Girls Award, visit the Girls Award Online Shop (in Japanese but some are English).

You can see the best selling items by clicking “Ranking”.



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