Free Candles Winners’s Impressions!


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Last month, JAPAN Style offered Japanese candles giveaway.

Now I’ve got descriptions of the winners’ impressions, so let me share some of them today.



Impression 1: Miss Héloise (France)

“First the packaging is very interesting. Here in France, except looking for a special candle already packaged to be offered as present there is no particular packing .. the presentation of Japanese candle is not for us “ordinary”. (As I saw on your blog and videos on YouTube) Japanese candles are very well presented in a nice pouch or box with some paper inside too .. in fact we should take time to open it, and it is pleasant. My first impression was that I opened something special or precious 🙂
The candle is not composed as in Europe. the wick is more “solid”, and goes from end to the other. In France, our “usual” candles seems more fragile. I thought that one can be really used to light and the other seems to be only a decoration!
Once lit, it’s fun because the flame of the Japanese candle is right (of course when there is no air!) while the French one “dances” a lot.
Finally Japanese candle is really more fun to watch because the wax doesn’t drip..that is fantastic! it burns and there was a peculiar odor. By the way the candle creates a calm atmosphere which is soothing.
With a little hindsight on all .. J’adore! From the opening to the extinction, I adopt them :), they are candles that we want to watch and keep! (in French, there is a joke on the two verbs which sound almost similar : “regarder (to watch) et garder (to keep)”)”


candle_france candle_france


Impression 2: Miss Jeanelle Marie (Malta)

“The first thing that caught my eye was the beautiful shape/design this candle has; the curves are very smooth and polished and this makes the candle stand out on its own without the need of ornaments. Furthermore, when used in an arrangement (err, I know my arrangement is a poor arrangement but I don’t have time to shop for dainty flowers at the moment) it can enhance the center with its shape.
Furthermore, the size is not very large, therefore, one can use it both as an ornament in a showcase/furniture or on a dining table; the size won’t cover up the person opposite you.
Another thing that caught my attention was that the smell this candle has is not the same smell usual candles have. I never smelt a candle like this. It wasn’t an artificial smell, I think it was a natural smell, but I can’t quite describe it!
I really love this candle! I’ve never seen anything like it before; classy yet original and stylish.”


candle malta candle malta


Impression 3: Mr. Alexander (Germany)

“The candle comes well packed in a blackgrey cover.
It’s covered in a protection foil and has a short Japanese note of information about the candle.
Unfortunately, I’m not a Japanese, so I can’t tell you what it is about.
The candle itself feels pretty good with nice wax and it smells nicely.
If you light it, it has a pretty bright and nice flame and it doesn’t burn too fast.
The only not too thing about it is, it doesn’t stand good on its own, you need something to put it on or in to prevent it from falling.
As a conclusion I’d say it’s a really nice candle and matched my little ‘shrine’ perfectly.
Now you better go and buy one for yourself. :)”


candle germany candle germany


Impression 4: Mr. Cristofer (USA)

“The candle was beautiful and plantlike, a pale green color with only a slight waxy scent.
The wick was thick, and lit easily.
It was smokeless, and only dripped a little down the side one time, and no wax got on anything.
After burning for a while, the wick and flame got pretty high, and it was very bright.
The flame flickered for a few moments a couple of times, but it was generally very steady.
The candle gave off no scent, and burned for about an hour.
These candles would be perfect to read by.”


candle usa candle usa




Wow! Thank you everyone for writing impressions politely. I am so pleased.

And the pictures you all sent were great!

Especially I was surprised that the winner in Germany has shrine.

Each of them decorated the candles by their feelings, which made me feel happy to have had the giveaway! (^_^)


I am really glad to know the people in the world and that I started this JAPAN Style.


The winners and the readers of this blog, thank you so much!




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