Highly Recommended! 90% of Visitors to Fukushima are Happy with Their Stay!

Now, GW holiday is over here in Japan, and people are gradually recovering from holiday mode.  I assume some of you are about to start thinking of holiday this time of year?  I know I cannot say this as I just finished ours here, but I envy you!

Today, I would like to introduce an article about once a famous domestic travel destination of Japan, Fukushima.


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Fukushima prefecture has been famous for its beautiful nature, great history and nice food, and it used to be one of famous domestic travel destination in Japan.  The reason why I said ‘used to’ is because harmful rumour of the nuclear power plant impacted on Fukushima’s travel industry greatly, and number of visitors to the place has declined dramatically after the Great East Japan.  However, a Japanese travel agency stood up to actively promote travel packages to Tohoku region to reclaim Fukushima’s great reputation again.


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According to the agency’s survey targeting over 650 people who have been to the place using their package tour, 80% of people answered that they did worry about safety in Fukushima before their trips.

On the other hand more than a half of people decided to go to Fukuoka to support reconstruction of the site after the earthquake, and some purely wanted to enjoy attractive events and spa of the area despite an invisible fear.  Also, those people who joined the tour were not just those who are from the area, but also included those who have previous visited the site as a visitor, and purely wanted to support the reconstruction activity with a beautiful memory when they stayed at Fukuoka before the devastating earthquake happened.


Personally speaking, I was so happy when I read this article; I have been to the place as a traveller myself, and I remember beautiful scenery of Fukushima very well, so I do understand why people want to visit the area again for themselves as well as a part of construction support.

The survey results in the article also explained that more than a half of people initially worried about visiting the site, but such feeling were gone completely or almost completely after their visit.

Sometimes, changing mindset of people can be very difficult, but I’m happy for Fukushima that at least something is working positively like this 🙂


Go Fukushima, GO!!


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