Buddhist Monk Boom

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‘Buddhist monk’ has recently become a trending keyword in Japan. ‘Buddhist monk’ sounds very traditional, so how come it’s causing a stir in the modern era?  One reason is because a photo collection book (see the image HERE) of handsome Buddhist monks published in March has been getting so much attention. The collection itself features various portraits of forty good-looking monks from various Buddhism sects. It might sound kind of weird, but the purpose of this book is very straightforward; the salvation of womens’ hearts – hearts full of worry and sorrow.

I’m not sure if all female readers have such serious agonies, but they will likely have a happy time browsing through this book of  handsome monks;)

Also, there is another unique publication, the bi-monthly Free Magazine for Freestyle Monks edited by young monks and energetic creators from diverse fields. This 12 page magazine is kind of like an information transmission tool for monks, and features Buddhist doctrine, essays about ascetic practices, and missives on various spiritual topics.

Free Magazine for Freestyle Monks seems like worthwhile reading, and you can pick it up at temples and cafes in Kyoto, Osaka, and Tokyo.


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