Sword Dance Synchronized with Shadows


This sword performance is really amazing. Using visual effect, a Japanese actor Taichi Saotome battles shadow enemies including his own shadow.

The play is “Kenbu/Kage-e (Sword Dance/Shadow Play),” and it was a part of the actor’s special New Year performance “Ryu to Botan (Dragon and Peony),” performed January 2nd to 5th 2011, at Tennnozu Ginga Gekijo (The Galaxy Theater) in Shinagawa, Tokyo.

The visual effect was created by TEAMLAB☆Inc, a Japanese digital creator and production company.


“Kenbu/Kage-e(Sword Dance/Shadow Play)” by Taichi Saotome


His sword dance is perfectly synchronized with the shadows. The visual effect is dynamic and looks like the shadows are really attacking the performer.


Source: Ruriiro Tradition


This is JAPAN Style!