Typical Stress Relieving Method for Japanese People

Have you made your new year’s resolution for 2014?  Be healthier?  Spend more time with you family or quit smoking?  Mine is to do more exercise on a daily basis and hopefully join a running event at least once!  But I started to realise that a key to realise such resolutions can be a stress relief.  Say if you are determined to lose weight, and if you are too stressed to stop eating heavy food or sweets, that will be the biggest problem to prevent you from realsing your resolution, won’t it?  For this reason, I read an article which explains how Japanese people are normally relieving stress.

According an article, a Japanese recruitment company surveyed 500 people in their 20s an 30s to investigate their common stress relief methods.  Not surprisingly, approx. 70% people answered that they are stressed out, and approx. 70% people have their own method to relieve their stress.  Let’s see what their methods are!


#1 Just sleep

#2 Eat sweets

#3 Listen to favourite music

#4 Go shopping

#5 Exercise

#6 Drink

#7 Cry hard watching TV drama and movie

#8 Sing in a bathroom


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Yes, at the end of the day, nothing will beat a nice good sleep, and I do feel very stressed when I cannot have a enough sleep because I’m too busy.  And I do tend to listen to music to unwind myself in a hot bath tub singing along, followed by some treat shopping as a little ‘good job me!’ present to myself… But they all sound proper indoor, and don’t even sound very helpful to rewind yourself like my old good methods such as going out for a nice forest walk and arrange outdoor BBQ with friends (- -;)??

I know it’s not easy to take a holiday to rewind ourselves completely like I used to do when I was younger.  Some even finds it too stressful to take a long holiday because it makes them think of all the work piled up during the off, and sadly, so do I now (><), but this year, I will try to go for a forest walk as much as possible when I find myself stressed out!!


What do you think about today’s article?

Please let me know of your secret stress relief, too!

I will be looking forward to hearing from you 🙂


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