People Live in Ibaraki Love Rice Crackers?

Today, I would like to introduce an article about Ibaraki people’s love for rice crackers.

Ibaraki prefecture is famously known for Natto in Japan, and the place has the 10th biggest consumption of natto in Japan according to investigation results of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in food.

This article also covers consumption of other food, and the results for Ibaraki were as follows; dried seaweed #1; fruit/vegetable juice #4; tea #5; other drinks #2; sweets and snacks #5.

Obviously, the results showed higher soft drink consumption of the prefecture than others. For this reason, the article went through investigation results a bit further on the assumption that people in the prefecture may enjoy tea time than people in other areas so that their soft drink, sweets and snack consumption becomes a lot more than others.

As a result, the writer of the article realised that Mito city is also ranked as No.3 rice cracker consumer!


Japanese rice snack

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In fact, when the writer visited local supermarkets in the prefecture, a quarter of these premises were filled with wide variety of snacks, candy, biscuit, chocolate and rice crackers etc. Especially, rice crackers were even categorised separately from snacks and entitled to have some special rice crackers section!

Wow, it sounds incredible~ 😀  I would be happier if I could have such a wide variety to choose from every time I go to supermarket, but being customer-friendly is only one reason why they have such a huge collections?

Well, the secret is that Ibaraki prefecture seems to have tea time twice a day at 10 o’clock and 15 o’clock.  And tea time can always be fulfilled with sweets or snacks, so sweets and snacks consumption in this area automatically increase accordingly.  Also, according to a lady, who married into a family in this area from other prefecture, Ibaraki people never give up seeking best rice crackers, which always go well together with their tea!

So, the writer’s guess was correct 🙂  But this is understandable.  If we could have refreshment time twice at 10 and 15 o’clock, work efficiency will also improve~.  Anyway, mystery solved!

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