Ultimate Way of Life? House/Office Integrated Building

As an article to introduce today, I’ve chosen an article about new type of office, which attracts freelance workers in Japan.

Now, it seems ‘shared office’ is becoming more popular among those who worked on freelance base.  But according to this article, even new type of property is now available, which is a building with shared office, shared house and shops!

To be more specific, the ground floor of this building is shops, the 1st floor is shared office, the 2nd to 4th floor are shared house, and top floor is communal area.


Here is an image of a shared office.



It looks pretty simple, but very nice and bright, isn’t it~?*-)


And here is a part of communal area.



If you sign for both of shared office and shared house, you can go to your office by just using stairs! And you don’t need to spend long commuting time anymore!  It seems most people enjoy the fact that they can go to office anytime they need.

Also, the communal area on the 5th floor has been used as a room to refresh by those who are using shared office. And the floor is also used as a socialising area by those who lives here.  So, unlike real office, the atmosphere of the floor seems to be very relaxing.  This space is used for some socialising event as well, so you could possibly built some network for your work, too!

It can be house, office and relaxing place, and you can even build some network!  It sounds like it leaves nothing to be desired for your business (・。・)  Now, are you interested to know the price?? Well, the shared office fee is 20k~65k yen per month (US$250-813) including common service fee, so considering about having your own office alone, it is pretty reasonable.

I assume some of you may strongly disagree with the idea of  living just below your office・・・Lol.  But it may be very ideal environment for those who work as a freelance worker since you can switch on and off from work quite easily by just moving up and down the stairs + you can avoid being isolated by socialising with other people on the top floor (^-^)  It is also pretty fashionable and reasonable, so I personally have nothing to complain!


What do you think about today’s article?

I will be looking forward to hearing from entrepreneurs and others~☆


Source: web R25


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