Way Too Cool Art Bento (Lunch Box) Collections


Titled “Way Too Cool Bento,” a Niconicodouga user made some slideshow videos of charaben, which refers bento, boxed food, decorated to look like characters from anime, manga, and so on. They are amazing! The same videos are also posted on YouTube, so let me share them with you!


“Way Too Cool Bento 1”


“Way Too Cool Bento 3”


“Way Too Cool Bento 4”


(I couldn’t find the second video in YouTube…)

Which charaben do you like the best? Which charaben do you want to eat? Yeah, don’t forget that they are food!

The person who posted the original videos listed the ingredients.


Ingredients Examples;

Black: seaweed (nori and kombu)
Purple: pickled eggplant
Flesh color: ham
Red: paprika, red sausage, imitation crab
Orange and Brown: seasoned carrot
Green: bell pepper, cucumber
White: egg white
Yellow: egg yolk
Light brown: egg white and brown sugar
Pink: fishcake (kamaboko)
Blue: purple sweet potato powder, food color


Now you know the color palette, do you want to work on your charaben project?


Images by YouTube videos above


This is JAPAN Style!