Power Adjustable Glasses, “Adlens Emergensee”

Do you wear glasses or contact lenses? Luckily my eyesight is ok, but I still can imagine how difficult it would be for short (or far) sighted people to lead their lives without glasses or contact lenses. If those in need couldn’t take their eyewear with them under emergency situations like the 3.11 disaster, life in evacuation shelters would be much more difficult.

Today, I would like to introduce these power adjustable glasses called “Adlens Emergensee”. Both the left and right sides have two separate lenses. What’s more, the power of each lens can be custom adjusted by turning small knobs at the temple.



“Adlens Emergensee” works well for both near and far sighted conditions. Epoch-making isn’t it? However, Adlens Emergense are not as precise as eyeglasses from an eye doctor. These are just for emergency situations after all, so risky activities (ex. driving a car) should be minimized. Still, they work great in a pinch.

Adlens Japan announced that they will send 1,000 pairs of “Emergensee” glasses to the victims of 3.11 through NPO Japan Platform. I hope this helps many people lead their lives without inconvenience.


Source: Adlens Japan Website


This is JAPAN Style!