J-technopop Girls Group “Perfume”


If you like pop dance music, you should try Perfume, a Japanese girl technopop group.

The members are three girls from Hiroshima Prefecture; Ayano Omoto nicknamed “Nocchi”, Yuka Kashino “Kashiyuka”, and Ayaka Nishiwaki “Ah-chan”.

The group was named “Perfume” because all the members have the kanji that means “perfume” in their names.

Since it debuted in 2001, the theme of the group has been “retro techno”.

The key person who stylizes Perfume is the producer, Yasutaka Nakata.

He is good at technopop, house electro, rock and disco, and highly valuated in the club scene.


Perfume is a pop idle group but their music is popular at night clubs too.

About the popularity of Perfume’s songs, Naka said,

“The Perfume songs are not either pop or club music. So they are fresh as pop music and also as club music. that is why Perfume got popular.”


This is the latest single “Fushizenna Girl (Unnatural Girl)” which will be released on April 14.



If you start liking Perfume, try this one too. It’s “One Room Disco” released March 2009.




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