Treat of Southern Island! Okinawan Food

In some countries, Japanese food is popular as a healthy food, but it tends to be major food consumed all over Japan.  Today, I would like to write about one of my favourite Japanese foods, Okinawan food.

Okinawa is the southernmost prefecture of Japan, and have unique culture, building, outfits and, of course, food.  Looking at the fact that Okinawan people live longer than other people from other parts of Japan, I believe there is something special in Okinawan food.  But what would it be??

According to an article, Okinawan people value food greatly; food brings people good energy and smile 😛   Okinawan food tends to be mildly seasoned by salt and nice tuna stock.

Here is one of my favourite Okinawan food, Okinawa soba!

Mild good tuna stock soup with thick noodle, slow-cooked slices of pork and pickled ginger.


okinawa soba

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Stir-fried bitter cucumber, tofu, lancheon pork and egg!

This one is also typically seasoned mildly with tuna stock.


okinawa food

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And Okinawa leek root tempura!  Best to eat with alcohol  😛


okinawa food

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There are more Okinawan food I would like to recommend, but whichever it is, I believe it fills me with positive energy.  I think this is not just because local food in Okinawa is rich in minerals, but the warmth of the islanders is melted into food culture nurtured in the islands.  If you have a chance to come to Japan, please try Okinawan food, too.  If you find it too mild, you will find Okinawan chilli pickled sauce made by local alcohol and red chilli.  You will see why I’m soo much in love with their food  😉


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