Beauty Trend: False Canine Teeth

False nails and false eyelashes are must-have items for fashionable girls. Recently, false canine teeth have become popular as a trend of  the new generation.

Shinagawa Dental Care Clinic in Tokyo offers a service called “Koakuma Yaeba” which means Sweet Devil Canine Teeth. These custom made ceramic canine teeth are affixed to your real teeth with glue, but it is not permanent. You can remove the teeth whenever you want to. And you don’t have to file your own teeth.

The price ranges from ¥19,800 (=US$233) /per tooth. It takes about one week from making an impression of your tooth to fixing it, and the operation time is only 30~60 minutes. The main customers are young women in their late teens and early twenties. False teeth are fashion items just like nail art for those girls.



In Japan, canine teeth can be considered a charming feature. Here are some historical reasons why we Japanese think canine teeth are cute.


* Japanese people originally tend to find beauty in “imperfectness”.

* In old days, noble people tended to have irregular teeth because they ate soft food. And common people longed for irregular teeth.

* Japanese people’s jaws are originally small and tend to make teeth irregular. Japanese women didn’t have a habit to laugh or smile widely showing their teeth, so they were careless about their teeth >> Majority (irregular teeth) gained popularity.


For foreigners however, the idea of noticeable canine teeth as a desired feature is quite amazing because canine teeth are rather unloved in many countries (of course I guess it depends on the country though). Big canine teeth sometimes remind people of vampires, and parents make their children’s irregular teeth correct at dental clinics. But on the other hand, Japanese people go to clinics to make their teeth incorrect. Interesting, isn’t it ^^?


Source: Yaebaga and Oricon Life


This is JAPAN Style!