What Can You See in Kids’ Unique Diet?


Kids often eat foods in the way adults can never imagine.

In other words, you can find some clues to an undiscovered food culture.

Today I would like to explore their unique diet.


● Kids eat their favorite foods last of all.


Sushi is divided into rice and sashimi,
and sashimi is the last♪


● Kids eat meals with sweets.


Strawberry rice bowl!?


Noodles in melon juice!!!


● Kids eat foods with their bare hands.


Open your mouth wide!


Uh-oh, poor strawberries….


● Kids try to eat anything they want.


Does the peel taste good?


● Kids sometimes keep all foods to themselves.


They are all mine!


Who wants grapes? Me! Me!


● Kids can rebuild foods.


Originally they were an apple.


● Kids can make something totally new from foods.


What a cozy house!!


Looks like tiny trees on the ground.


“Incredible,” “bad manners,” or “amazing”?? Yes, kids are just “terrific”! To be honest, it is stressful and tiring to eat with them.

Of course it is very important to teach them table manners, but why don’t you take a deep breath and then try to shift your focus to their rich imagination and fresh ideas?

Have you ever experienced running into an unexpected delicious food before?

Maybe kids were those who tried it for the first time and will be pioneers of future unknown foods.

Enjoy your meal! ^_^


Source: Daily Portal Z


This is JAPAN Style!