Artistic Dance Performance to Cheer Japan up


A retired Japanese martial artist Genki Sudo cheers Japan up with his artistic music and dance performance. Being a versatile, he is also an essayist and actor.

What he is working on now is a music project, WORLD ORDER, which involves techno music and his unique dance performance that he showed on rings when he was a martial artist. Through the project, Sudo inspires “Japan to have hope to revolute.”

The project WORLD ORDER was launched before the earthquake. Under the most disastrous earthquake on record that Japan has ever been experienced, Sudo made a new music video “MACHINE CIVILIZATION” for the victims, the entire country, and the world.

The dance successfully shows machine like stiffness and lissomness of human.

The dancers in suits like salary-men get into a car and get off at a smoky factory, as if they are workers at the nuclear plant, or it may represent the salary-men who go to work as usual in this disaster time. It tells that everyone is struggling against the situation.

Although this disaster is burden and heart-breaking, Sudo thinks that it is a turning point of civilization, and time to rethink society, economy, and political systems.



Message from Genki Sudo (posted on the video)

The unprecedented disasters unfolding in Japan; earthquakes,
tsunami, and nuclear explosions, will somehow change things to come.
And to send my message about this, I have expressed it here with WORLD
These disasters can be interpreted as a turning point for civilization.
I think that we have arrived at a time of revolution, shared with all
the people of the world, in today’s society, economy, and political
Incidents themselves are neutral.
I believe that every single one of us, wandering through this deep
can overcome anything, if only we let go of our fear, and face the it
all in a positive light.
The world is not going to change. Each one of us will change.
And if we do, then yes, the world will be changed.
It is darkest right before the dawn. Let’s all rise up to welcome the
morning that will be so very bright for mankind.

Genki Sudo


This is JAPAN Style!