Musical Road and Talking Road in Japan


Have you heard of “melody road” in Japan? It is a strange asphalt road that makes a musical tunes when a car runs on it. It is expected to prevent speeding and shake off sleepiness. If a car runs above the speed limit, the tempo also gets fast; so that the driver can feel that he is driving too fast.

For example, this melody road running near the Lake Hamana plays “At a Quiet Lakeside.”



It sounds like synthesized violin. There are small ditches on the paved asphalt road, and it makes sound by friction between tires and the road. Melody road was developed by Shinoda Industrial Enterprise in Hokkaido in 2005.

Now, there are six melody roads in Japan. At the end of last year, the company tested its new road, a talking road! They reproduced the frequency of human voice, and it sounds like someone is talking. This road below says “Curve line is coming. Slow down” in Japanese.



It sounds like talking but it is not so clear what it says. It is like a broken radio or parakeet (^_^)

The company president wishes the drivers to drive more careful and sense the humor. Basically, they can make the road says anything that humans can say. If the sound is clearer, it would be perfect for the roads to tourist attractions.


Source: excite News


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