Nodding Plant “Pekoppa”


Pekoppa are toy plants that nod when you talk to. They sense the intervals of conversations and nod at the right timing. Pekoppa are so smart that they change the way they nod by the tones of your voice. In the video below, you can see how the plant moves its leaves and stem.


“A Child Talking to a Pekoppa”


Isn’t it cute? It’s a nice decoration too. It even looks like a real plant. According to the Pekoppa website, the stem is made of a flexible actuator named BioMetal, which is used for medical appliances.

There are four colors and also three flower versions are available.

If you want a company who just listens to you and agrees with you, Pekoppa may be what you are looking for!

Check it on Amazon Japan.

Sega Toys “Pekoppa” Website (Japanese)


This is JAPAN Style!