Line of Manga Character which Cheer Your Up when You Are Down

As all of you are probably well aware of, manga is not just popular in Japan, but deep rooted in the modern Japanese life. If you get on train on weekdays, you often see Japanese men ranging from students to business men being busy reading manga magazine on train.  Today, I would like about famous manga line, which often lift people’s sprit when they are down.

According to an article, a female-targeted recruitment company conducted a survey to find out top lines of manga characters which are encouraging when they feel down.  (Please be noted that all manga character lines are translated by me so maybe different from official English version if there is any!)


"myfavoriteblogs" some rights reserved. flickr

“myfavoriteblogs” some rights reserved. flickr


One of the top line was very famous line by Anzai-sensei of Slam Dunk, “Your game is over when you give up…”  in other words, if you want give up, there is always a chance to win for you, and this seems to encourage Japanese women to move forward when there is hardship.


"Terence Yim" some rights reserved. flickr

“Terence Yim” some rights reserved. flickr


FYI, Slum Dunk was very popular basketball manga published serially on ‘Weekly Shonen Jump’ from 1990 to 1996.


And another line selected is from “Hagane no renkinjutsushi” or Fullmetal Alchemist.  It was main character, Edward’s, “Stand up and move forward.  That’s what your legs are for.”  It seems this line makes many people positive and feeling like they have to move forward however hard the situation is for them.


"POHAN" some rights reserved. flickr

“POHAN” some rights reserved. flickr


I just picked a few from the list, but hope you see that manga is not just entertaining people, but not just that 😉  It gives us fun, relaxation and strength to face challenges!!  I hope you are receiving the same power with what we are having from manga.


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Source: Daily ameba news


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