Even Ultraman Can Eat? 90 Second Instant Noodle

When we say instant cup noodle, we normally imagine one which can be ready in 3 minutes after pouring hot water into the cup; however, it seems there are new cup noodle which cuts such 3 minutes waiting time into a half!  The article I would like to introduce today is about this revolutionary instant noodle.

The article explains that a ramen noodle manufacturer introduced an small-sized instant cup noodle with some illustrations of very famous heroic character of Japan, called ULTRAMAN on its package.


So, here is soy sauce flavoured ULTRAMAN noodle.


According to the company’s official website, the noodle costs 84yen (equivalent to US$1.00) per cup.


And here is the same type of ULTRAMAN noodle with pork flavour.


Personally speaking, I prefer red one to blue one as red one looks more like ULTRAMAN for me.

ULTRAMAN is a character like a knight in shining armour, but they can only stay on the earth for approx. 3minutes.  So, in order to allow ULTRAMAN to eat this noodle on the earth, this noodle are specifically designed to be prepared within 90seconds after pouring hot water!

What a cool scenario~_(_^_)_

I think it must be good as a light snack for kids, but 90seconds waiting time should be very appealing to adult or students who finds difficult to focus on their work when they are slightly hungry.


What do you think about today’s article?

I like ramen noodle, but I’m also interested in knowing how many people live overseas knows of ULTRAMAN…(^u^)  Please let me know if you do know ULTRAMAN☆



Source: Walker Plus



This is JAPAN Style!