New Taste? Oden Hot Pot with Sweets

Hot pot is the most popular winter food in Japan, and Oden is one of slow cooked hot pot, which involves vegetables, processed fish or meat.  Today, I would like to introduce an article about rather unusual oden hot pot.

Famous Oden ingredients are generally white radish, boiled eggs, konnyaku and processed fish etc.  However, according to the article, very new kind of oden, which basically uses sweets, is gathering attention of Japanese people now.


Oden with sweets??  I can’t imagine how it would taste like at all…


Ok, now, here is an image of the sweets oden.




Well, it does look like an ordinary oden at first glance, but one looks like an egg on a skewer is actually white dango mochi ball!  And other ingredients include boiled dumpling with sweet red beans paste and fruits such as apple, orange and kiwi.  Also, the soup of this oden seems to be blended oolong tea with orange osmanthus.

Well, the fact that this unusually flavoured oden looks just like normal oden doesn’t help me to image how it tastes like at all; however, combination of these sound very well☆

This sweet oden is available at a sweets theme park, ‘Jiyugaoka Sweets Forest’, and it costs 980 yen (equivalent to US$11.89) per bowl.  As only 5 pots are available everyday, it can only be purchased in the morning, depending on popularity of a day!


Ah, limited items always sound appealing, don’t they~?_(_^_)_


The theme park, which is offering this sweet oden, is currently holding an event for hot sweets.  And they are offering some other interesting warm sweets such as ginger flavoured fruits gratin (seems to be good to avoid cold and poor blood circulation) and some traditional Hong Kong sweets.




Seeing them using ginger and quite wide variety of fruits, I think they are nice and health conscious:-).

As it can still be a bit cold, please have a relaxing day with nice and hot sweets food♪


How did you like today’s article?

It’s already spring, but please let us know about typical food of your country to eat in a cold day.  I will be looking forward to hearing from you!


Source: web R25


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