Recycled Art; What Is This Made of?

A realistic octopus with limply tentacles… Can you tell what is this made of?

Wood? Yes, but it is not just wood, it is made of 2,000 used chop sticks!
It was made by 72 year-old Masataka Koike, who lives in Yotsukaito, Chiba Prefecture.

He makes sea creatures with used chop sticks as hobby, and teaches local people once a week.

To make the octopus, it took 8 months for him. He told a Japanese website (link below) how he usually makes chop stick art.

First, he soaks the used chopsticks in water for three to four weeks to clean them. And then, dries them outside for a week. After drying them indoor for six months, he makes rectangular lumbers with them. Cutting and sanding the lumber, he made the dynamic art piece.

He says “Tree is always well when it blooms, gets leafy, or withered. I like the texture and aroma of lumber. Chop sticks are gorgeous lumber too. They are made of trees at least aged 20 to 30 or some of them from cold regions must be at least 50 year-old. It is sad that they are thrown away after being used for a moment.”

The used chop sticks could be trash just like most other chop sticks but he breathed new life into them. As he making more sea creatures with chop sticks, his dream is to make aquarium without water.

Source:hobby hobby