[VIDEOS] J-Funny Music Unit “Yajima Biyo-shitu”


This Japanese vocal group called “Yajima Biyo-shitsu (Yajima Beauty Salon)” is so funny!

It consists of DJ Ozma (a musician) and comedian duo Tunnels, and these three guys dress as women on this unique setting of this group.

They are supposed to be a mother and two daughters who were scouted in Las Vegas, and they came to Japan to find the father of daughters, Tokujiro Yajima who is a Japanese beautician.


Let’s watch one of the music video.




This one is called “SAKURA? Haru wo utawaneba (Gotta sing Spring)”.

They look like drug queens but the kimono and the Japanese style sets are so beautiful.

As you may know, sakura is cherry blossom.

They’re singing “Papa told us PINK angels fly down in Japan…I wanna tell Japan’s gracefulness to (president) Obama… If these petals go all around the world, the wars will disappear.”


Generally, comedy songs are well accepted in Japan because those songs make people laugh and cheer up, so do Yajima Biyo-shitsu’s songs.

Now the group is ready to release their first album on March 3.


This is JAPAN Style!


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