Wasabi Stories vol.45: “Joy after Fighting against Hardship”


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“Joy after Fighting against Hardship”

Today’s story teller is a manga artist famous for drawing “[W:First of the North Star] (“Hokuto no Ken” in Japanese)”, [W:Tetsuo Hara].


“I had painful time in my thirties.”

Hara explained how it was hard to get over his wall that he made earlier with the mega hit manga “First of the North Star”, which gave quite impact on the industry.

His next series was “Flowery Keiji (“Hana no Keiji”in Japanese)”.

When he was reading a reference to write the story, he met the old word which goes,

“See that Bushido (the way of the samurai) alias dying.”

Reading this word, Hara interpreted it as “work on it hard as if you could die for it, and you’ll success”, which he thought was telling him “don’t try to protect your self, be a dead man.”

At that time, “Flowery Keiji” wasn’t popular and the publication magazine Shonen Jump was ready to close weekly carrying of it.

Just like anyone would want to run away when he/she was hound down, Hara was going to give up too.

But the word “be a dead man” clumped his head and he decided to accomplish without giving up.

As a matter of fact, the manga lasted to 18 volumes.


Lately, as the word “herbivore boys” is popular, today’s men are backward and lack of spirits but Hara looked back what he had been through and said,

“I want to tell this to guys, please stand up to difficulties, as if you’ll be a dead man. From my experience, I gained a lot by doing that.”


He is now in late forties, and he says life started to be fun after forties; however, it is the result of the thirties that he struggled, and seeing it in a long span, both “plus” and “minus” equally comes into life and that makes it even.

The NIKKEI Jun/3/2009 by Tetsuo Hara (manga writer)


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