Wasabi Stories vol.40: “You Never Know Unless You Experience”


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“You Never Know Unless You Experience”

Today’s story teller is a female professional [W:Shogi] player, Yamato Takahashi, who is a mother of four years old, and the story is about “baby stroller”.

One day, she found this online question saying “Is it rude to ask a mother who carries a baby stroller to fold it in a train?” and she got a hunch that it was going to be big deal on the website.

A few days later, she visited the website again and just like her hunch, there were a lot of responses to the question.

Glancing over calmly, she felt that she heard heartrending cries of mothers against the coolness of the real society.

What her position is she want society to know how hard for mothers to go out with their children.

A baby stroller does not just carry a baby; it actually carries more things like milk, diapers and changes, so it is quite heavy that it’s really hard for a mother to climb and descend stairs of a platform with carrying a folded stroller.

Maybe in other countries, others are willing to help such mothers, but in Japan, mothers can’t really expect others’ help.

From her experience, Takahashi says sometimes people helps her carrying stroller but most of them are middle-aged women; and in such society with no regard for mothers, when they are asked to fold a stroller in a train, they have no other choice than to do so.


“No matter how well we use our imaginations, there are many things that we can’t understand unless we actually experience. I wish everyone including school children to adults actually try carrying baby stroll.”

The NIKKEI Nov/1/2008 by Yamato Takahashi (Professional Shogi Player)


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