How to Make Your Day a Good Day


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Do you have some tips to make a good day?

Today, I want to share some ideas that were collected by Japanese “2ch News”.


1. When I want to retort, count three in my mind.


2. Don’t repeat the same mistake. It’s wonderful that correcting one mistake everyday makes 3650 improvements in ten years.


3. Write down any thought. Anything. Writing bad things makes me refresh, and it’s amazing that the deep unconscious feelings appear on the letters. I can see how I really feel now. Writing an official diary gets me bored, so I just write on regular notebooks.
It’s fun to read the past writings. I have been doing this for ten years and I recommend it.


4. When there was something bitter and painful, try to think “I got a new story”.


5. In a positive way, don’t expect too much of any one, even family, a partner, and friends. The cause of stress in human relationship is expectations like “I want him to say this but he doesn’t” or “I want her to do this but she never does”. Count what people did for you rather than what people didn’t for you.


6. Think positively. I am naturally negative thinker but I’m getting better lately, for example, if I spilt coffee over a rug,
“I got a chance to wash the rug. It’s going to get dry well because it’s sunny today.”
Not by a force but my thought naturally shifted like that lately.


7. Go out even if there is no purpose.


8. Don’t compare yourself with others. I got tired of doing that.


9. Accept changes. Humans, towns, things, everything changes and it’s natural. I had hard time when I didn’t understand that.


10. I think it’s Dale Carnegie’s word but I try to not forget that “90 percent of worries don’t become true”. I have had countless worries but I have been safe so far after all.


There are some words with great meanings but if I can vote one, I choose the 8 “Don’t compare yourself with others” because it makes you lose your confidence and it’s waste of time.

If you have tips to make good day, please share with me!




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