10 Songs Japan Wants to Listen on Valentine’s Day


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This is the ranking of  “10 Songs Japan Wants to Listen on Valentine’s Day” collected by TSUTAYA online in 2009.


#1: “Love so sweet”(2007)  ARASHI
Japanese boy pop group ARASHI’s 18th single. The theme song of the second season of the mega hit TV drama series “Hanayori dango (Boys Over Flowers)”.

#2: “One Love”(2008)  ARASHI
ARASHI’s 22nd single. It’s the theme song of the last season of “Hanayori dango (Boys Over Flowers)”.

#3: “Valentine Kiss”(1986)  Saruri Kokusho
The solo debut single of a former member of the Japanese girl idol group “Onyanko Club”. Released in 80s but because of the popularity, she re-released remake version in 2007.

#4: “Chocolate Disco”(2008)  Perfume
Cute techno pop song by Japanese girl trio Perfume. Since we have custom that women give chocolate to men on Valentine day in Japan, “Chocolate Disco” is a perfect choice.

#5: “WISH”(2005)  ARASHI
ARASHI’s 15th single. It’s the theme of the first season of “Hanayori dango (Boys Over Flowers)”.

#6: “Tada… aitakute”(2005)  EXILE
Japanese male pop dance group EXILE(リンク:1/25 EXILEの記事)’s 19th single. Lost love ballad.

#7: “Love Love Love”(1995)  DREAMS COME TRUE
Japan’s world known duo DREAMS COME TRUE’s 18th single. 2 million hit song. The English version is in the compilation album “.LOVE”by Avex.

#8: “Sen no yoru wo koete”(2006)  Aqua Timez
The 2nd single of a J-pop and rock band Aqua Timez. It’s a theme of the anime film “BLEACH -MEMORIES OF NOBODY”.

#9: “Kokuhaku”(2008)  FUNKY MONKEY BABYS
Japanese Hip Hop group, FUNKY MONKEY BABYS’s  8th single.

Classic love song and disco tune by American Disco band BOYS TOWN GANGS.

Interestingly, romantic ballads and catchy pop songs from 1980s to 2000s are mixed in the ranking.

These songs are found on youtube if you are interested!


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