Coldest Season Has Come! Snow Statue & Hut Festival of Japan

February is considered as the coldest season of year in Japan.  Well, max temperature at the moment is slightly higher than usual; however, it is forecasted to be a bit colder soon!  Major events in February are Setsubun (or Bean-throwing festival in English) and Valentine’s Day, but also there are several Snow statue/ hut festival in colder regions of Japan.

Today, I would like to introduce an article, which shares must visit snow festival information of Japan.


According to the article, “Best snow festival top 10” includes festival in Hokkaido, Akita, Aomori, Niigata, Yamagata and Ishikawa prefectures.

The most well-known place for snow festival is, of course, Hokkaido.  Festivals in Otaru, Asahikawa, Shikaribetsu-ko are listed, but among all listed area, Sapporo snow festival is the largest snow festival in Japan, and it is famous for its large scale and highly detailed statues.


"lefty1007" some rights reserved. flickr

“lefty1007” some rights reserved. flickr


Yokote snow festival of Akita is one of the festivals with a long history (400 years).  You will be welcomed by children in kamakura hut serving mocha and amazake (sweet mild sake).  Hirosaki castle snow lantern festival of Aomori illuminates HIrosaki Castle covered by snow.  And Uesugi snow lantern festival of Yamagata will provide romantic night 🙂  If you go to Nagaoka snow festival you can enjoy balloons and fireworks.


But what I found the prettiest is Snowman festival of Ishikawa!


"senyo78" some rights reserved. flickr

“senyo78” some rights reserved. flickr


As you can see some in the picture, you can see many cute snowman.  It seems all residents make one each of snowman.  And snowman will be illuminated by candles in the evening.  Usually festivals are always supported by local residents, but I like the idea of using something made by all residents’ of the area^^  It may sound a bit simple compared festivals full of massive snow statues and huts, but I like such a homely festival with hand-made things.  Well, enjoyable for both residents and visitors, too!


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Please let me know about your local festival of this season, too 🙂


Source: Daily Ameba News


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