Japanese Hair Accessories “Kanzashi” Hairpin Headpieces Maiko

japanese hair accessories kanzashi


This is a Japanese traditional hairpin called “Tsumami-kanzashi”, made by a craftsman “Minoru Hozumi”.

Tsumami-kanzashi, the name comes from its process of traditional crafting by pinching (Tsumami) a small colorful square-cut piece of durable cloth, arose at Kamigata (Kyoto and Osaka) district, and expanded to Edo (Tokyo) district in the early Edo period.

It peaked in Bunka-Bunsei era (1804-1830) at the time of bloom of the merchant culture, and it has also been passed down since Meiji era until today repeating growth and decay. Even today it brings out the dress up in Kimono as women’s hairdressing item. Mr. Hozumi, who has enhanced women’s beauty by creating the Kanzashi, has been constantly conscious of the trend “so that people will be interested in it”.


japanese hair accessories kanzashi


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