Ramen or Sweets? Food after Drinking

When you have drinks with your friends and colleagues till late night, don’t you find yourself craving for some specific food??  Such food after serious drink can be very enjoyable although you could possibly regret that you actually had that later on 😛

Today, I found an article about what Japanese people normally eat after drinks.


You may say fish & chips, Chinese takeaway or kebab are the typical one in your country, but it seems Japanese people particularly love following food after drinks.


#1: Relatively heavy type of ramen


japanese ramen noodle

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#2: Ochazuke rice


japanese rice meal

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#3: Ice cream


japanese green tea ice cream

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Ramen has always been a nations’s top favorite menu after drinks, so it is understandable that it won the first place.  But I was pretty surprised that ice cream came to the third?? (Is it not a wrong season to enjoy cold sweets???)

The article explained that cold thing is not recommended as it lowered your stomach performance.  And it seems it could trigger possible through up later on (><).   In addition to that, alcohol itself tends to be high in sugar, so there may be excess sugar intake if you choose ice cream after drink.

Oh, ok, so I’m not completely wrong then.


However, Ochazuke rice and hot udon are recommendable as it warms up stomach and accelerate your stomach activity.  It seems it is also good to have fruits to take vitamin if it is not too sweet or cold.

Anyway, the article concluded that it is not very good to have ramen after drinks as they tend to be full in salt and carbs.


I know!   But all tasty things are not always good for your health anyway!

What do you think about today’s article?

Please tell me about your favourite food after drinks, too  😉


Source: web R25


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