From the Japanese Kitchen: Dorayaki

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Today I would like to share a recipe for dorayaki from the popular Japanese culinary YouTube program, “Cooking with Dog”. As you may know, dorayaki is the absolute favorite sweet of world famous manga character, Doraemon! But what is dorayaki?

Well, it’s a type of Japanese confection consisting of two pieces of pancake w/ sweet red bean paste filling.



[Ingredients for Dorayaki (Sweet Red Bean Paste Pancakes) / 6 pieces]

2 Eggs
80g Johakuto White Sugar or Raw Sugar (2.82 oz)
1 tbsp Honey
1/2 tsp Baking Soda

50ml Water (1.69 fl. oz)
130g Cake Flour (4.59 oz)
1~3 tsp Water to adjust the thickness of the batter

100g Premade Anko (Red Bean Paste) for whipped cream anko (0.220 lb)
150g Premade Anko for regular Dorayaki (0.331lb)

** Please watch the video, “How to Make Zenzai & Anko”

50ml Whipping Cream chilled in a fridge (1.69 fl. oz)
1/2 tbsp Sugar

** When baking pancakes, set the griddle at about 340 degrees °F (170°C). Higher temperature would cause pancakes to burn easily and lower temperature would make them hard and dry.

Source : Cooking with Dog


For dorayaki dough, you can use pancake mix flour as well. It’s much easier! And adding a tablespoon of “mirin” instead of honey will make the dough taste more Japanese. (No baking soda is necessary in this case.) What’s more, you may be able to find readymade red bean paste (anko) at stores.


This is JAPAN Style!