Wasabi Stories vol.237: “Do not Get Stuck to the Definite Shape”

coffee breakToday’s story-teller is writer Tetsuo Ebato. The story is about ‘how-to’.

His story begins with Ebato’s aquaintance who is a business manager saying, “How come there are so many how-tos getting published these days when there is no definitions in business traditions.”

Note) There are many books quoting ‘how to become successful’ or ‘how to make money’ published in Japan.


Edoba told him, ‘Because they sell well.” However, he understands how he feels.

Means of sales, planning, treating junior staff, demonstrating the leadership, they all have no definitions.

For example, the leadership.

When Ebato was a corporate worker, he had a boss who was an outspoken man. He was harsh on junior staff who give crude ideas. However, everyone admired his leadership.

On the other hand, a boss from another department was an opposite type from the boss. He was sensitive and seemed like he was giving more crude ideas than the junior staff.

And he listened to what junior staff say carefully, and he explained everything till satisfy them.

The boss mentioned before and this boss were antipodes, but the boss was also respected by the junior staff.

So, even the leadership itself has no definition.

Ebato says, “Even if you cannot define the answer, tradition means that you have to create a representation of work that suits one through performing a duty.”

And he says that you have to establish your own how-to while you observe other people and benefit from their standpoint.


The business manager who is an acquaintance of Ebato says, “There are less people who can establish their own how-to these days. And also there are less people who learn directly from other people but from printed words.”


Finally Ebato says that if what the business manager says is right, that would be a problem.


The NIKKEI 03/31/2010 by Tetsuo Ebato (writer)


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