“Momoiro Clover” Girls Idol Group Features Acrobatic Performance

There are so many girls’ idol groups in Japan, and dozens of groups are active in the forefront. Singing and dancing are the basic skills to the idols, but this new group has a little more than those.



The idol group Momoiro Clover (Pink Clover in English) consists of 6 teenage girls and was formed in May 2008. They are also called “Momoclo” for short or “Shumatsu Heroine (Weekend Heroine in English).”

What makes them different from numerous other groups is their acrobatic performance. The amazing thins is they can hop and flip while singing with innocent smiles on their faces.




The costume is interesting too. Basically it is school girl uniform but the top has kimono sleeves. Just as the quiet looking girls dance intensely, two different elements exist at the same time in the costume too.

Momoiro Clover is watched as one of the idol groups that will be very popular this year. They may turn to be “national heroines” from “weekend heroines.”


Source: MSN Entertainment


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