Top Five Embarrassing Otaku Situations


Otaku people have their own special world. And to other people, this world looks very strange and hard to understand. So many otaku people keep their “otaku-ness” kind of secret and try not to be TOO otaku when they interact with the rest of the world. However, they sometimes carelessly show otaku behaviors to other people, and feel regret (^^;

Today, I’ll introduce the result of an otaku survey, “what is the most awkward otaku behavior you carelessly displayed?”


5th: Carelessly using special otaku lingo.

* When I unconsciously used otaku words in a conversation with my coworkers, they couldn’t understand it. I backtracked very quickly, but it was still embarrassing.

*I let an anime otaku word slip out in front of my friend and she asked me what the word was. She didn’t know I’m otaku, so I was confused.


4th: Uncontrollable reaction to otaku keywords

* One day at a bookstore, I saw the title of a anime magazine I really wanted , and I carelessly shouted “Oh! That’s it!!” alone… A sales clerk watched me very suspiciously.

* Whenever I hear a name similar to that of my favorite character, I react to it very quickly.


3rd: Spontaneously speaking the lines of a favorite character

* When I romped around with my friends in our classroom, I unexpectedly shouted the line of my favorite anime and made the room quiet instantly…

* I was supposed to write a regular letter to my friend who is not otaku. But when I reread it, the letter was full of otaku words and lines of anime characters.


2nd: Careless grinning

* When I was reading my favorite manga on the train, I couldn’t stop grinning.

* Even during classes, I sometimes travel to my otaku world and grin…


1st: Too much enthusiasm

* I talked about my otaku world too enthusiastically at a family gathering. My aunt and uncle; jaws dropped.

* When I spoke with my otaku friend, I gradually became more and more excited, and really started rambling. Even my otaku friend seemed very surprised at my enthusiasm.


Even if you are not an otaku person, you might have some similar experiences like these (^^;; Maybe we’d better try to always be more calm!?

Source: Otalab



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