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The king of snack food, Nissin Cup Noodle.

In the home country Japan, people enjoy not only the taste but also Cup Noodle games.

In the last fall, 1/1 sized Cup Noodle puzzle game (“Nettou san-pun Cup Noodle Game”) was released by Happinet.

The Cup Noodle has timer that counts 3 minutes, and the player places noodle and ingredients pieces correctly within the time, or the pieces fly out!!

The time is 3 minutes, same as the time you wait for noodle to be cooked after poring hot water.

So, it’s a good game to kill the 3 minutes while noodle cooking.




There is also a Cup Noodle arcade game.

It’s called “Fun Fun Cup” and the player throw balls in to Cup Noodle when the lid is open.



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Different country has different Cup Noodle flavors.

In Japan, we have plain, curry, seafood, Chile Tomato, Kimchi and Chesse, Miso, Sio (salt), European cheese curry, milk seafood, milk curry and so on.


What unique flavor have you had in your country??


This is JAPAN Style!


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