Different Me in a Few Minutes?? Come to a Photo Studio for Transformation!

I think anybody could have a temptation to be a somebody totally different from your own self if possible.  Just to see the world from a different perspective as a different person or just to change a boring routine of your life by being a different person.  There must be a lot of reasons why we fancy the idea, but there seems to be some photo studios where your dream comes true!


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The article I am going to introduce you today is about one of those special photo studio in Tokyo to change their clients into totally different person by dress and make-up 🙂

This studio offers gorgeous outfit like Takarazuka Revue’s for their photo shooting service.  And in order to complete the transforming, the studio also provide stage make up.  According to the article, make up kit for stage and play can be so thick and almost look like oil paint.

Err, make-up as thick as oil paint??  I’m a bit curious if our skin will be able to breathe under a such coating??? Lol  Hmn, anyway, this oil paint looking foundation seems to be a key of perfect mat make up like a doll.

A make-up artist of the studio recommends to have thick such a make up with strong contrast shading for photo shooting as it looks a lot better under the strong lighting of photo shooting.  So big eye liner and double false eye lushes for each eyes seem to be the best option from professionals.


Thick foundation and now double fake eyelushes??  I cannot how much those make-up weigh at the end???  😛

For this photo taking session, clients can have a perfect stage make-up and gorgeous cloths for tops only.  Takarazuka revue’s video played in a studio while photo shooting also makes you feel comfortable and gives you an idea how you should behave in the outfit!  Of course, small but important items such as fan and a bunch of red rose can be provided for the session.

FYI, entire process takes about 2 hours, and you can be a beautiful movie star of all time like Audrey Hepburn or Vivian Lee for a change!  Cost of this kind of service vary, ranging from 15,000 yen (US$158) to over 20,000 yen, but it seem girls just love using such photo service not only with their friends, but sometimes with mum, too!

I’m still not sure if I enjoy having a few mm thick make up on my face, but it must be a bit of fun taking photos and comparing them with friends??  😉


What do you think about today’s article?

Will you be up for it?  If yes, who would you like to be by make up and fancy dresse??

I look forward to hearing from you.


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