Great Craftsmanship!! Very Tasty Looking iPhone 5 Case

There is a wide variety of smartphone/ iPhone cover available in Japan, and I assume there are loads in your country, too.  It is almost becoming too hard to find a single cover from tonnes of variety.  But no worries anymore!  Today, I would like to introduce a nice looking cover from Japan!


iphone jacket

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So, according to an article, Japanese craftsman created iPhone 5 covers with fake food sample and started selling them in mobile phone accessory shops in Japan.

Hmm, Japanese fake food sample looks real and pretty popular, so I feel it’s going to look good!

So, those iPhone covers available for iPhone 5 have 4 varieties; Yakisoba, deep fried food, bacon egg and Hinomaru bento.  Sadly, I don’t have actual image of those 4 covers, but I would like to share images of each food!


Here is yakisoba!


japanese yakisoba

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And deep fried food…  Hmm, yam yam!


fried meal

"tenugui" some rights reserved. flickr


Bacon and egg…



"101LAB" some rights reserved. flickr


And hinomaru bento!!


japanese bento

"kminiatures" some rights reserved. flickr

*Hinomaru bento is essentially a packed white rice and single pickled plum, so it supposed to have just rice and plum!


Fake food sample iPhone cover for iPhone 4/4S made sales of 6,000 pieces so far, so it looks like this 4 types also going to catch people’s attention 🙂 !!  Good news is that there seems to be more varieties will be available this year!  I wonder what new types will be available??

FYI, this iPhone cover costs 3,990yen each (US$45).


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Source: Walker plus


This is JAPAN Style!